Welcome to my blog

John CurnowHello, my name is John Curnow. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m an expert in house renovation services. I carry out my services in New Orleans and also nearby cities. I’m a freelancer, so traveling around is my specialty.

What services do I offer?

I deal with all the rooms in the house ranging from bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, home office and kitchen. I also deal with the exterior of the house which includes roofs, decks and gutters. My services include installation, repairs and replacement of certain features in the house. I install roofs on all types of houses. This is coupled with maximum insulation of attics for maximum performance of your roof.

I install tiles in all rooms and walls of the house that require such. I always install the most appropriate tiles for each particular space since all room can’t use the same type of tiles. I create and remodel a home office that will perfectly suit your personal and job needs.

I love dealing with houses because of the magnificence of their structure. I love seeing how one thing can be changed or remodeled to something else completely new and amazing. My passion is revealed in the perfection of my services.

Education background

After graduating from high school, I took a diploma course in construction and remodeling. I also took a carpentry diploma. These two enabled me to delve in to the world of construction and remodeling. I worked at a house renovation company for two years where I gathered a lot of skills and experience to deal with different situations. I opened my own company and became self employed when I’d perfected my skills in the field. I did this in order to offer unique services to my clients and not be tied down to a company’s limitations.

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Why you should contact me

I would definitely recommend myself to anyone out there who needs fixing in their house. Why?

  • My services are extremely affordable. I am a freelance expert hence I don’t charge the ridiculous services charged by companies.
  • I install the most durable products in your house that will serve you for a long time.
  • I install high quality products which I get from the best manufacturers in the industry.
  • I work according to my customer’s taste and preferences. With me, you can choose an unbelievable design and you’re assured that I’ll do it perfectly.
  • With my vast travel and experience I have gathered more than enough skills to deal with all types of houses and rooms.
  • I am a licensed practitioner in the field so you’re assured of top notch services from me. I can present this license to you in case of any doubts or just for confirmation.
  • I am versatile. I work with what I have and perfect it to make it significant.

For any questions or clarifications you could comment on my profile. Here you can also get to talk to my previous esteemed customers who will give you an honest review of my work. View the rest of my profile to get contact information and sample work. Feel free to call me or drop an email at any time, I will definitely respond. John Curnow is the change you’ve been searching for.